Wood Veneer Sheets

FormWood’s Hardwood Veneers make it possible to utilize wood veneer in more novel and unique applications than ever before. The hallmarks of our laminates are flexibility, pliability, choices (in adhesive backings), sizes, and sequencing and matching. Our vast inventory of veneer faces and flitches can be combined with backers that are best suited to the demands of your jobs; jobs such as radius work, and different sizes in either long or short grain orientation. FormWood also offers a backer that accepts water-based adhesive that meets requirements in states where there are restrictions on solvent based adhesives.

Hardwood Laminate Product Spec sheet

What is the purpose of wood veneer?

Wood veneer products allow surfaces such as large feature walls or curved furniture to be covered in almost any species of beautiful wood. By using thinly sliced veneer you can make the most efficient and sustainable use of the tree. Veneer products enable creativity, design, and fine woodworking to come together, allowing you to breathe new life into any project.

What is a wood veneer sheet?

Wood veneer sheets are a thin layer of wood pressed to a flexible backer such as paperback, Duraback™, or wood backer. An alternative to veneer panels, veneer sheets can be rolled up and shipped via FedEx Ground, are light, easy to cut, and offer versatility for almost any project large or small.

Who supplies wood veneer?

FormWood Industries has been a supplier of premium hardwood veneer products for over 30 years. Supplying distributors, manufacturers, contractors, end users, and more, FormWood serves many industries and types of customers. Able to supply wood veneer sheets, panels, and Edgebanding, FormWood offers many species of both domestic and exotic veneer. With popular sheet goods and edge banding in stock we can offer same day shipping on many species. Our team of veneer experts is here to help you select the perfect wood veneer for your project.

What species of wood veneer are available?

FormWood supplies over 100 species of domestic and exotic hardwood veneer. With many grades and cuts available for most species, we are sure to have an option that fits your needs.

What types of cores are available?

FormWood can laminate the veneer of your choice to MDF, Veneer Core, Particle Board, UVC (veneer core with MDF outerplies) and more. Specialty cores such as flexible core, marine plywood, NAUF, FSC, and fire resistant are also available. Our team is here to help you select the right core for the job.

What types of backers are available?

For sheet veneer FormWood has many backer options such as paperback, wood backer (grain parallel or perpendicular to face), Duraback, and Polyback. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) is available on most sheets. For panels, FormWood offers paintable paper backing, mill option balancing backer, or the wood of your choice if the appearance of the backside is important.
Duraback Hardwood Veneer

Duraback Hardwood Veneer

DuraBack™ is a unique product designed and engineered as an alternative to traditional laminate backed veneer. This hardwood veneer product is very popular in some markets where solvent-based adhesive restrictions require woodworkers to use water-based glues. Laminate backed veneer offers extreme durability. The DuraBack™ sheet’s beige backer blends nicely in most applications to maintain the natural beauty of the wood veneer. We have created DuraBack™ veneer to be more flexible than standard laminate backers.

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Paper Backed Veneer Sheets

Paper Backed Veneer Sheets

For true versatility, nothing compares to our premium paper backed hardwood veneers available in 10mil, 20mil, and 30mil backings. Each sheet is tenderized and sanded to meet our stringent quality standards. FormWood paper backed veneer is tailored to meet the expectations of the most demanding woodworker. We supply many of the major architectural millwork houses, kitchen cabinets, and furniture manufacturers across the county. Our finely matched, paper-backed veneer is consistently chosen because of our high grading standards and attention to overall veneer quality.

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NBL Veneer

NBL Veneer

NBL® laminates provide the custom woodworker with superior flexibility and performance when compared to other wood-backed products. NBL®'s patented 3-ply construction produces an extremely pliable, moisture-resistant sheet without the black edge associated with phenolic and foil backers. Minor substrate imperfections are "absorbed" and hidden by NBL®'s thermo-set joined face and parallel grain, all-wood backer. Ease of application and over 100 different species and cuts make NBL® wood-on-wood laminate the proven choice for trouble-free projects.

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2-Ply Hardwood Veneer

2-Ply Hardwood Veneer

FormWood 2-Ply hardwood veneer has a perpendicular face-to-back construction utilizing a thin acrylic membrane to provide protection against bubbling, glue seepage and telegraphing. The product provides no unsightly edge lines, unlike phenolic-backed veneer. The crossband construction allows FormWood 2-Ply veneer to bend on moderate curves in the horizontal or vertical direction.

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PSA Veneer

PSA Veneer Sheets

Most of our veneer sheets can have 3M® Brand PSA adhesive added to the back allowing for easy and mess-free installation. Utilizing the best quality 3M® Brand PSA adhesives, our peel and stick veneer provides a permanent bond to any smooth substrate that is dry and free of dust and contaminants. As with all FormWood products, the meticulous grading and matching of our hardwood veneer along with a station-to-station quality check system assures the end-user will get the same quality on every order. The unmatched performance of our PSA veneer is a direct result of using superior materials and a team of dedicated veneer craftsmen.

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