2-Ply Hardwood Veneer

FormWood 2-Ply hardwood veneer has a perpendicular face-to-back construction utilizing a thin acrylic membrane to provide protection against bubbling, glue seepage and telegraphing. The product provides no unsightly edge lines, unlike phenolic-backed veneer. The crossband construction allows FormWood 2-Ply veneer to bend on moderate curves in the horizontal or vertical direction.

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-sanded and tenderized
  • Mitigates bubbling and telegraphing
  • Dimensional stability in flat and curved applications
  • Stocked in basic species; exotic and special order species
  • No phenolic or foil backer lines

Technical Specifications

Information provided is based on 4' x 8' sheet
  • Thickness: .032-.035 plus or minus .005
  • Size Availability: 2' x 8', 4' x 8'
  • Machine Surface Sand: 150 grit
  • Packaging Standard: 1-5 pcs / 6-10 pcs
  • Typical Box Size:11-3/8" x 11-3/8" x 50" / 13-5/8" x 13-5/8" x 50"
  • Weight/4X8 Sheet: 3.94 lbs
  • (Bending Radius) Flexibility: Avg. 5" (varies with specie)
  • Standard Size: 4' x 8'
  • Maximum Size: 4' x 10'
  • Recommended Glue: Solvent-based contact (flexible glue line)


  • Best to store in a climate controlled environment (Heated in winter/Air-conditioned in summer)
  • Relative humidity of 35% is best
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight
Color and Grain Appearance
  • Variation can be expected from sheet to sheet and lot to lot
  • Sequence matching available upon request
General Application Information
  • Inspect material for satisfaction of quality and grade prior to lamination
  • All veneer should be acclimated prior to application
  • Ideal temperature for application is 70-80° F
  • Ideal humidity is 35%
  • Surface must be clean, dry and smooth (free of dust, grease, wax) to ensure a good bond
  • Use of solvent-based adhesives is recommended. Water-based adhesives are not recommended
  • Veneer scrapers are recommended for hand application to allow for maximum pressure. "J" rollers are not recommended
  • Adhesive should be allowed to cure for 48 hours prior to finishing