The general term plywood encompasses several types of board, including Veneer Core, Medium Density Fiberboard, and Particleboard Core. Veneer Core Plywood (VC) is made from three or more layers of wood veneer with grain alternating at 90°. The veneer is cross-layered and joined together by an adhesive. Because of the way in which veneer core is constructed, it also resists cracking, bending, warping, and shrinkage. Pound for pound veneer core plywood is stronger than steel in static bending strength due to cross-layered structure. Medium Density Fiberboard Plywood (MDF) is made from fine wood dust mixed with a binder and heat-pressed into panels. This material is extremely stable to work with, and is typically very consistent from batch to batch. The surface below the veneer is typically free of voids and blisters, resulting in a better veneer consistency and bond. With this better bonding of the wood veneer, there is less chipping during a crosscut operation. Particleboard Core Plywood (PBC) uses a coarser wood dust than MDF. Because of this, it has a slightly lower weight, but the edges and surfaces are not as smooth and consistent.

FormWood uses only the highest quality plywood for laminating to ensure a balanced product. Our state of the art facility is complete with automatic panel lines. We manufacture veneer plywood with quick lead times and rarely have minimums. We can sequence and flitch match your plywood panels, as well as other special matches such as center-balanced and end-matched. We offer over 100 different cuts and veneer species for making laminated plywood, as AA/AA, AA/A, A/A, A/1, A/2, A/3, A/4, etc. We also offer a myriad of different sizes and plywood core thicknesses.

Plywood Products & Resources

Custom Plywood
Exotic Plywood, from Afrormosia to Zebrawood, is available from FormWood. We are proud to offer over 100 different cuts and species of veneer manufactured to your specifications. Sequencing and flitch matching create a similar look while blueprint matching allow you to tackle even the most intricate project.

What types of Core are Available?
FormWood’s panels are available with MDF, Particle Board, Veneer Core, Combi-Core, and more. Specialty cores such as flexible core, FSC compliant cores, or Marine Veneer Core are also available in many sizes and thicknesses. Connect with our knowledgeable team to discuss core options.

Applications for Veneer Panels
Our customers use veneer panels for many projects including wall and ceiling paneling, wainscoting, cabinetry, and more. From feature walls to sequenced cabinetry, our veneer can enhance any custom project.

What Sizes of Panels are Available?
We offer veneer panels in standard sizes from 4x8 to 5x12 as well as almost any custom size. Our team of experts will guide you through the ordering process and can help you get the best yield when ordering cut-to-size panels.

What Backers are Available?
FormWood offers panels with the same grade face and back (A/A, AA/AA), a lower grade backer (A/1, A/2), mill option balancing backer (A/3), or paintable balancing backers. Our experienced team can help you decide which backer is best for your veneer project.