FormWood Industries, Inc. is able to utilize its state of the art plywood facility to laminate high-quality exotic veneer to a myriad of substrate offerings. We house a large inventory of flitch and face material to allow us to manufacture these custom items quickly. This also allows us to manufacture small runs of material. For most species our minimum order requirement is only one panel! Exotic plywood is ideal for custom and high-end projects. Unique color and figure combinations make a statement in any environment.

Exotic Plywood Species

Exotic Plywood, from Afrormosia to Zebrawood, is available from FormWood. Our myriad of dynamic species are ideal for both commercial and residential applications. We are proud to offer over 100 different cuts and species of veneer. Unique natural colors such as the rich purple hue of Purpleheart and the deep red of Padauck create a dramatic look. The striped appearance of Zebrawood or Macassar Ebony or the chocolate brown tone of Wenge are complementary to a contemporary style. A variety of figure types such as the bold pebbling of Lacewood or the elegant look of Pommele Sapele are also a nice addition to interiors.

Exotic Plywood Matches

FormWood Industries, Inc. is able to manufacture exotic plywood to your specifications. Sequencing and flitch matching create a similar look. Balance match and center-balance match are ideal for continuity in wall panels. End-matching can extend visual length for use in tall wall panels or conference tables. Blue print matching can tackle intricate jobs. We are also able to laminate in the combination that you require. We can use A grade exotic faces on the face and back of the plywood panel or we can substitute the back with a different grade of veneer, a wood back, or a mill option back. Our exotic plywood panels are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and grain directions.

Exotic Plywood Sampling

FormWood wants to assist in the design element. We know that it is important to understand the expectations of your client. Communication is enhanced by our three different ways to sample our exotic species.
  • Flitch sample: We can send you a live sample from a flitch in our inventory or we can locate a flitch for you and submit live samples from that flitch. Generally, you will receive several pieces from the log that will show how the color and grain of the log changes.
  • Type sample: We will send you an 8"x10" sample to show a representation of a particular cut and species. This is a great way to compare several species before making your final decision. Please note that the color and grain of the material that you receive can vary from the sample.
  • Digital image: We have a specially designated photo room that is designed to take high quality digital photos of our veneer. We can send sample photos to you via email to ensure that we are sending material that meets your customer's expectations.
Download our Architectural Plywood Specifications Sheet here.