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The use of exotic woods as interior yacht and fine auto trims has long signaled luxury and elegance. Since the glory days of the Bentley, Rolls Royce and Jaguar brands and with the ultimate James Bond-style home on the water, genuine wood interiors and trims are marks of distinction. Advances in exotic wood veneer and adhesive technology makes them more environmentally friendly, allowing use of time-tested woodcraft to produce beautiful, polished boat and yacht interiors. The predominant woods used in nautical construction are mahogany and teak. Exotic woods, such as Anigre, Beech, Sapele and Mappa Burl are current favorites of our yacht customers. We combine these species with a lite-ply veneer core making a suitable interior yacht panel. You can employ burls and other exotics with sequencing, and special matching options, to preserve unity in designs throughout the building process. Complete the overall attractiveness of your project with wood veneer edge banding.

What you should look for in exotic woods

Use exotic woods, consisting of layers of veneer, with no interior voids that can lead to water rot. Remember that veneer should adhere to substrates even under precarious conditions. Use marine-grade, non-fungicidal substrates and adhesives, typically non-toxic epoxies and polyester resins, which are highly resistant to humidity with permanent sealing power. Purchase veneer ready for application and finishing with a UV-inhibiting, weatherproof varnish. Some oil finishes contain wax, which can trap dirt in the wood grain. If you consider yourself a fine woodworker, you probably prefer exotic wood veneer for your boat interior. Choices may include: Ebony, Padauk, Purpleheart, Curly Maple, or Maple Burl. The look of luxury and old world design are limited only by your imagination.