FormWood® PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) Veneer Products are available for a range of applications from cabinet refacing to job site repairs. The material is available in standard widths of 24" and 48" and on a special basis up to 60" wide. It is not recommended to join sheets to cover surfaces greater than 24" wide due to possibility of natural movement of the veneer after application.

Steps to Follow:

Remove memory and acclimatize the sheet by laying it flat between two sheets of plywood on the jobsite where it will be applied. Ideal temperatures for application fall between 70 and 80 degrees F. The ideal relative humidity is 35%.

Testing your surface prior to application is highly recommended. The surface must be clean, dry and smooth (free of grease, dust, and wax). PSA will stick to lacquered, varnished, or enameled topcoat surfaces that are not flaking and peeling. Our standard PSA's will not stick to bare wood, sanding sealers, melamine, or other plastics. Please contact our technical support group to specify specialty PSA adhesives for these applications. PSA requires approximately 48 to 72 hours to achieve its maximum bond.

Surface preparation includes:

  • Use of denatured ethyl alcohol to remove grease, dust and wax.
  • Uniform scuffing of the finished surface with a 100-150 grit no fill sandpaper.
  • Tack-rag wiping to make surface dust free.
  • Re-wiping with denatured ethyl alcohol.

Trim the Veneer sheet leaving it ½" oversized to allow for a final trim after the sheet is positioned on the substrate. (Use of a sharp utility knife or scissors is required)

Apply by peeling back a small section of the backer

  • Press down lightly
  • Check alignment (applying centerline of sheet to centerline of substrate) and correct
  • Continue removing the backer and pressing down the veneer
  • Use a veneer scraper to apply pressure tightly and with the grain eliminating all bubbles and trapped air that can result in installation failure. ("J" roller not recommended)

Seal and finish the veneer promptly after application and cure time to protect from moisture penetration.

"We urge purchasers to make tests to determine whether the product is suitable for their particular purpose and operating conditions prior to full-scale production."


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