Wood Stair Builders

Plywood and Veneer Applications

Experienced stair builders recognize that stair construction requires the skills of an engineer and the craftsmanship of an artisan. From helical (spiral), modular, curved stairs, dextral, and closed stringers to traditional box stairway; artistic finishing can make an aesthetic statement in presentation. FormWood Industries offers 100 plus species of domestic and exotic wood veneer that stair builders use in the application of various stair building projects.

Stairs that require veneer finished stringers or carriages, skirt boards or backing stringers, cove inlays, and even veneer covered closed risers or wall panels; benefit from the most appropriate selection of hardwood veneer species, finishing and matching available in the industry today. Spiral (helical) stairs in particular present a particular challenge in the matching and length of the veneer used. We match patterns, colors, and grains in 8', 10', and 12' lengths. FormWood will work with the builder to custom sequence and do special matching such as end matching. Your spiral stairs will make a statement both aesthetically and to the quality of construction.

Products and Services

FormWood Industries produces veneer faces, wood veneer laminates and hardwood veneer panels for your stair building or stair restoration needs. Our inventories of stocked material, production lead times and delivery schedules are managed to provide you with outstanding service and product quality. In addition to choices in variety and custom matching, FormWood Industries specifically offers these stair building options:

  • A wide variety of backers to meet all your manufacturing needs. Backers include 10 Mil paper, DuraBack™ resin backer (an earth-friendly product), Two-Ply wood backer, PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) and our exclusive NBL® wood backer. NBL® offers a patented multi-ply construction, including an internal moisture barrier, and is famous for its "No Black Line" appearance. NBL® is tenderized to bend and wrap a tight radius, and prevents bubbling, solvent seepage and telegraphing. Our substrates include MDF, PBC and Veneer Core.
  • High quality veneer made to your specifications.
  • 8', 10', and 12' lengths available in many species.
  • Veneer sequencing and special matching such as end-matching is available.
  • Sampling available.

FormWood has highly qualified staff in our Technical Assistance Center who will work closely with builders, designers, and architects to assist in the selection process and use of FormWood's products. We can fit your project with exact building needs. In many cases, we have a distributor in your area which can provide you with immediate access to FormWood products and services. No need is too large or too small for us to be helpful. Regardless of your stair building or restoration needs, or the demands of your client, FormWood can satisfy your veneer solutions expertly, professionally, and in a timely manner.

Additionally, our high quality veneer and veneer products are earth friendly. For those with concerns over solvent-based adhesives used in veneer application, the application process of veneer is now safer than ever for both environment and consumer. FormWood offers "DURABACK™", a resin-backed veneer that can be applied with water-based adhesives in states that have solvent-based adhesive restrictions.

Strikingly designed and finished stairs can make a dramatic statement. They may be a focal point of your client's home throughout their lifetime, or be the signature piece within a special construction project or setting. The overall look of the stair system can be enhanced by the most complementary wood veneer species and matching processes that FormWood has to offer.

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