Store Fixtures

The demands of modern retail and store fixture manufacturing come together to create designs that cleverly intertwine art, architecture, and technology into the retail space and the displays that hold merchandise. Store fixture display design and finishing involves the combining of mixed media and special effects more than at any other time in store fixture manufacturing history. Retailers depend on strong design to give them a competitive edge. Creating store fixtures in unusual sizes, shapes, finishes, and layouts, provide visual impact and can effectively mold consumer impressions.

Popular modern designs include organic and geometric shapes that demand the use of more flexible and workable materials. Veneer and laminate products are perfect materials to work with in shaping, cutting, and finishing these unique and unusual store fixture designs. Store fixture manufacturers that work on-site to create entire vignette settings or perhaps several different but similar displays within a single retail space can create a matching of interior space and fixtures that results in a unified look. FormWood has the products that help you accomplish that look. Fixture manufacturers can choose from a virtual plethora of domestic and exotic veneer, veneer laminates, and RainboWood™ veneer.

Store Fixture Manufacturers Partner with FormWood

Whether you are constructing new designs and fixtures or updating and refacing existing fixtures and surroundings of the retail space, FormWood can supply you with virtually any wood veneer and laminate veneer product for even the most demanding and unique of job designs.
  • We stock over 100 cuts and species of both domestic and exotic wood veneer. Available in 8', 10', and 12' lengths in many species, as well as 5' width and crossgrain.
  • Intricate and complicated custom matching of patterns is available to create uniformity in your designs.
  • Both rigid panels and tenderized sheets can be manufactured from the same flitch.
  • Architectural paneling and plywood can be made in running book or slip match, balance book or slip match, center-balance match, sequenced and numbered panels, and end matched pieces in a variety of cores and backers.
  • A wide variety of backers are available to meet all of your manufacturing needs. Backers include 10 Mil paper, NBL® wood-backerDuraBack™ resin backer, two-ply wood backer, PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive), and hot melt backings. Cores include MDFPBC, and Veneer Core. Fire retardant, moisture resistant, and formaldehyde free options are also available.
  • FORM-EDGE, Edgebanding and Edge Strips is available to complete the look and fine detail of your projects. For all your exotic edge needs, edge strips can be cut to match.
  • UNI-FORMWOOD Laminates can provide a look that comes closer to nature than imaginable. Reconstituted Laminates guarantee color and grain consistency, and are surprisingly less expensive than their natural counterparts and are available on your choice of backers.

Advantages of Veneer in Store Fixture Manufacturing

Thin slices of wood that are cut or sliced from a log offer many decorative advantages over solid wood.
  • Veneer allows the use of exotic wood species and rare formations (burl and crotch wood) to be used more economically.
  • Wood patterns can be matched and arranged producing a variety of beautiful effects (diamond, herringbone, cathedral, and checkerboard, etc.). Wood veneer also possess unique characteristics that would not be usable or possible to achieve in solid wood pieces.
  • Many complex wood formations such as walnut burls are too weak structurally but bonding them to sturdy core materials permits their use in a variety of applications.
  • Veneer can be laid up with their grain arranged at right angles, which can be bonded to lighter cores to make transport easier.
Anything is possible with veneer. The innovative nature of retail design and store fixture manufacturing requires materials that fit application needs and provide an uncommon retail experience while achieving long-term durability. Uses of veneer in fixture manufacturing include furniture, cabinetry, interior trim, and decorative elements. Veneer are an exceptionally beautiful and versatile material that is well suited for this purpose.

Technical Help for Store Fixture Manufacturers

To help with your unique needs, FormWood has highly qualified staff in our Technical Assistance Center who can answer questions you have regarding use of FormWood products. In many cases, we have a distributor in your area which can provide you with immediate access to FormWood products and services. No need is too large or too small for us to be helpful. See the overall difference FormWood can make for you and your clients. The design possibilities are limited only by imagination. FormWood can supply the rest.