RV Interior Veneer

The history of custom coach building can be traced back to about 1450 in Hungary, where the first reported carriage coach was built. Crafting horse-drawn coaches for the aristocracy and gentry soon became an honored and profitable career, one often handed down to following generations. England soon became the epicenter of this booming trade, from the reign of King Charles I up through the end of the horse-drawn era. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were approximately 400,000 carriages in Great Britain with almost every town boasting at least one coach builder.

The advent of the automobile signaled a new era in coach building for those savvy enough to understand that future “horsepower” would have an entirely different meaning. When Henry Ford began mass producing his Model T, box-like automobiles became the norm. From the roaring twenties to the Second World War, those with wealth and affluence began demanding coaches that were as individual as their own tastes. Mass production, in fact, helped pave the way for custom automobiles built to compliment these lavish lifestyles.

As coach building has continually evolved, so have the needs of those requiring custom transportation. FormWood Industries works in tandem with coach companies to provide hardwood veneer and panels to meet the most discerning standards. From custom cabinets and panels for RVs and tour buses, to door waist rails and other fittings for cars and limousines, FormWood can supply veneer for virtually any application. Our high quality veneer is offered in over 100 cuts and species, including burls and exotics. Whether producing trim for standard models or working with designers to create a one-of-a-kind work of art, our knowledgeable staff can meet all of your custom veneer requirements.

Custom veneer requirements.

  • High-end veneer, including burls and exotics, made to your specifications.
  • Sequencing and special matching available.
  • Flitches can be specified (sampling is available).
  • Both rigid panels and tenderized sheets can be manufactured from the same flitch.
  • 8', 10', and 12' lengths available in many species, as well as 5' wide and cross grain.
  • A wide variety of backers including 10 Mil paper, NBL® wood-backer, DuraBack™ resin backer, Two-ply wood-backer, and PSA. Cores include MDF, PBC, and Veneer Core.
  • Edge banding and Edge strips are available to complete the look of your project.
  • One-time or ongoing production runs available based on your specifications.
Coach builders have long prided themselves on the ability to exactly match the custom requirements of each customer. FormWood Industries is dedicated to providing clients with the utmost service and can meet many special needs. For questions regarding our products or their applications, we offer a Technical Assistance Center. We also offer a broad network of distributors, which offer immediate access to our products.