From residential custom cabinets and furniture, to large-scale institutional and commercial projects such as hospitals, schools, care homes, banks and offices, the needs of millwork companies can vary widely. Since 1972, FormWood Industries has been manufacturing custom veneer faces, flexible veneer, laminates and architectural grade veneer plywood to meet and exceed those rigorous demands. Innovative products illustrate our dedication to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and cost-efficiency.

Our wood veneer is made to your exact specifications and we offer a wide variety of backers and cores to fit the requirements of even the most intricate designs. FormWood will source and custom splice hardwood veneer faces (layons) on your choice of paper, phenolic or PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backings. For aircraft and yacht applications, or any project requiring a water-based adhesive, we offer laminates using a DuraBack™ resin backer. Our patented NBL® (No Black Line) wood-on-wood laminate eliminates dark phenolic backer lines and edges. This flexible, real wood construction has a unique glue strip and moisture barrier solving common veneer problems such as bubbling or solvent seepage and will hide imperfections in the substrate surface. FormWood Industries also offers RainboWood™, a real wood veneer which can be dyed for applications requiring a splash of color and Uni-FormWood™, a reconstituted laminate offering excellent color and grain consistency at a very economical price.

Veneer Products and Materials

FormWood understands that no detail must be overlooked in order to maintain the integrity of the overall project. Whether you are creating a custom project or refreshing an existing installation, we can provide the products and services necessary for truly professional results. For applications such as hardwood door paneling, high end residential cabinetry and casework or any project with high visibility, FormWood can meet all your special matching requirements:

    • Flitches can be specified.
    • Both rigid panels and tenderized sheets can be manufactured from the same flitch
    • Sequencing and book matching is available
    • 8', 10', and 12' lengths are available in many species, as well as 5' wide and cross grain
    • Edge banding and edge strips are available to complete the look of your projects
    • High quality veneer in over 100 cuts and species made to your exact specifications
    • A wide variety of backers including 10 mil paper, NBL® wood backer, DuraBack™ resin backer and PSA
    • Many choices of core and substrate including MDF, PBC, veneer core, hot melt, paper, and peel & stick adhesive backings
    • Panel thickness from .020" to 1.5" are standard products
The wealth of information and choices available today has created a market that is increasingly competitive. The diversity of products and processes available from FormWood allow our millwork clients to offer many options to their customers and maintain their competitive advantage. We offer many exotic and domestic species of hardwood veneer available in flat cut, quarter sawn, rotary, and other cuts. In addition we can provide rare formations such as burl and crotch wood on your choice of backers, giving structural integrity not found in solid wood. All of our hardwood veneer products come pre-sanded and are available in standard or custom sizes. Whatever your specific project needs, FormWood will provide the products and expertise you can rely on to insure your ongoing success. From initial concept to finished product, FormWood will partner with you to provide you with the very best for your customers. We offer a Technical Assistance Center staffed with industry professionals to answer any application questions you may have and, in many cases, we have a distributor in your area which can provide you with immediate access to FormWood's products.