Cabinet and Door Refacing

For centuries, veneer has been glued to a base or substrate in many different applications. This veneer finish enhances and beautifies the surface seen by the eye, giving the appearance that the entire piece is built from the more valuable wood seen on the surface. Although the basic process remains the same today, cabinet facings are still applied using the same basic principles. What has changed over time is the availability and variety of the species of wood, the materials with which veneer are applied, the sizes of veneer pieces, and matching of grains available.

For cabinet refacing professionals who demand the latest of technologies, quality, reliability and variety, FormWood produces veneer faces, wood veneer laminates, and hardwood veneer panels particularly suited to your refacing needs. FormWood's PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) is designed specifically for the purpose of refacing and quickly refreshes the look of cabinets and doors anywhere they can be installed.

Advantages of application with FormWood's PSA

  • PSA can be applied over pre-existing wood or laminate surfaces.
  • Simply peel and stick without using glue and making a mess.
  • A wide variety of backers are available to meet most manufacturing needs. Backers include 10 Mil paper, NBL® wood-backer, DuraBack™ resin backers, and Two-Ply wood-backer.
  • PSA is available in 24" width, and 48" wide sheets in all of our over 100 wood cuts and species.
  • Sequencing and flitch matching are available, as well as other special matching requests. We can produce veneer from a single tree for guaranteed sequencing and matching.
  • Edge banding and Edge Strips are available to complete the look of your projects, in either domestic or exotics woods.


PSA sampling is available from FormWood. FormWood is a premium wood veneer, laminated to your choice of paper, phenolic, or peel-and-stick backings. Available in over 100 species and cuts, we stock and can ship in the following dimensions: 2'x8', 4'x8', and 4'x10' sheets; and can fill orders in any custom size up to 4'x12', all sanded, ready to apply, and finish. Over 100 species of premium hardwood veneer are available in a variety of backings. Our veneer products are pre-sanded and available in either standard sizes or cut-to-size. FormWood Industries is also the exclusive manufacturer of NBL®, a patented, wood-on-wood laminate famous for its flexibility, thickness, and "No Black Line" appearance. NBL® eliminates bubbling and solvent seepage which are often experienced in veneering. Among our wide selection of domestic and exotic wood veneer, FormWood offers UNI-FormWood Laminates. Our UNI-FormWood Laminates feature guaranteed color and grain consistency at less expense than their naturally imperfect real wood counterparts. These are reconstituted wood veneer, defect-free, and identical from sheet to sheet, with your choice of backers. See our Specialty Products section for more information on this unique offering. Whether you are a professional refacer or a highly skilled amateur, FormWood can take the guess work out of refacing jobs. We have highly qualified staff in our Technical Assistance Center who can answer questions you have regarding the selection and use of FormWood's products. In many cases, we have a distributor in your area which can provide you with immediate access to FormWood products and services. No need is too large or too small for us to be helpful. Regardless of the size of your refacing needs, or the demands of your client, FormWood can fill your modern refacing needs.

What is cabinet refacing?

Refacing a kitchen cabinet is a cost-effective way to update the look of your kitchen. By making use of the original structure of the cabinets, refacing allows for a low-cost remodel. FormWood sells many products that are popular among cabinet re-facers including our veneer sheets backed with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). Simply peel off the protective backing, line up the veneer sheet, and apply pressure to form a permanent bond between the veneer sheet and the cabinet’s surface. The cabinet can then be stained or finished to the desired appearance. Our paper and wood backed veneer sheets can also be applied using an array of glues to reface cabinets. Our team of veneer experts is here to help you determine the correct product for the job.

Is veneer good for kitchen cabinets?

Wood veneer is a popular choice for cabinet makers. Due to its cost effectiveness, resistance to warping, light weight, and beautiful appearance wood veneer has become a go-to cabinet material.

Can you stain wood veneer cabinets?

Veneer cabinets can be stained and finished just like any other natural wood product. From dark stains to accentuate the grain, to clear coats to highlight the natural characteristics of the species, veneering your cabinets affords a wide array of finish options.