Marine Grade Veneer

From classic yachts to houseboats, the use of hardwood veneer and paneling in boat construction is often used to provide luxurious styling. FormWood supplies hardwood veneer, laminates and architectural panels to the boat building industry. Interior cabinetry, decorative and technical panels, high-low tables and a variety of trim pieces can be crafted to exact specifications.

While the predominant woods used in nautical applications are teak and mahogany, FormWood offers over 100 different cuts and species, including burls and other rare formations and a large selection of exotics. In addition, FormWood can meet the most demanding matching requirements preserving unity of design throughout. Flitch sampling is available and panels can be manufactured from the same flitch as veneer sheets. We also offer book matching, slip matching and sequencing as well as other matching options.

Specific Veneer and Products

  • Create a unique look with one of our over 100 cuts and species of veneer
  • Sequencing and special matching available
  • Flitches can be specified (sampling available)
  • 8', 10', and 12' lengths available in many species, as well as 5' wide and cross grain
  • A wide variety of backers are available to meet all of your manufacturing needs. Backers include 10 Mil paper, NBLĀ® wood-backer, DuraBackā„¢ resin backer, Two-ply wood backer, and PSA. Cores include MDF, PBC, and Veneer Core
  • Edge banding and edge strips are available to complete the look of your project
  • One-time or ongoing production runs available based on your specifications

Special considerations

Special considerations with regard to adhesives should be taken into account when applying hardwood veneer in certain marine applications. No matter how careful boat owners may be, the potential for exposure to excessive moisture is always present. If exposure does occur, toweling and drying veneer as quickly as possible is essential. Of greater importance to the installer or manufacturer of boat interiors is how well the veneer will adhere to their substrates under questionable conditions. Adhesives should resist moisture, whether humidity or liquid, to avoid any loosening and separation of veneer from their substrate. Currently the majority of marine adhesives are predominately polyester resins and epoxies. Please check with your supplier for marine grade adhesives and substrates that are most appropriate for your application needs. All FormWood plywood and veneer products come pre-sanded and are ready to be applied and finished. FormWood applies a teamwork approach to business and works closely with clients through the entire process. We are available to help with design and can tailor individual solutions for each customer. Our Technical Assistance Center is staffed with industry professionals who are on hand to answer any questions that may arise and we have a host of distributors which can provide access to our products and services. The insight and experience that FormWood offers, coupled with our broad range of products, produces possibilities that are almost endless.