Automotive Veneer

The use of burl and other hardwood veneer as interior automobile trim has always signaled both elegance and luxury. In the glory days of Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Jaguar, genuine wood interior and dash trim distinguished these cars from their American counterparts. At that time, the process involved was both very expensive and labor intensive. Due to recent advances in veneer and adhesive technology, the use of real hardwood veneer is much more economical. If you’re an automotive interior manufacturer, learn how Formwood’s quality hardwood veneer products can help you produce beautiful car interior wood dashboards for your customers. Call us today.

Since 1972 FormWood Industries has been manufacturing custom veneer faces, flexible veneer and veneer laminates to fit almost any application. While walnut burl is by far the most predominant veneer used for automobile dashboard kits, we have over 100 cuts and species available including exotics and other rare formations. FormWood can supply any veneer for dashboard kit construction. From dashboard pieces, instrument trim, console faces, and door waist rails to the use of cross-banding and inlays on other fascias and fittings, the look of luxury available is only limited by the imagination. Our veneer is cut and matched to exact specifications and comes on a wide variety of backers and cores.

Advantages of FormWood Veneer:

  • Create an eye-catching look with over 100 different cuts and species of veneer, including burls and exotics.
  • High-quality veneer made to your specifications.
  • Sampling available.
  • A wide variety of backers are available to meet all of your manufacturing needs. Backers include 10 Mil paper, NBL® wood-backer, DuraBack™ resin backer, and Two-ply wood-backer, and PSA.
  • Cores include MDF, PBC, and Veneer Core.
  • One-time or ongoing production runs available based on your specifications.

Alternatives to real wood veneer

For alternatives to real wood veneer, we offer UNI-FormWood Laminates which feature guaranteed color and grain consistency at surprisingly more economical prices than their naturally imperfect real wood counterparts. These are reconstituted wood veneer, defect-free, and identical from sheet to sheet, with your choice of backers. See our Specialty Products section for more information on these unique offerings.