Antique Restoration Veneer

Since the 17th century, veneer has been widely used in the production of fine furniture. From the inlaid marquetry of Louis XIV and exuberant curves of Rococo, through English Regency and Victorian to the simple elegance of Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau, hardwood veneer has provided complex detail and ornament and an ability to use expensive woods in more economical ways. Today, the skills of furniture artisans are often employed to return these pieces to their original brilliance. Often these are priceless family heirlooms, their return to initial splendor being entrusted to caring professionals.

Whether working with period antiques or with pieces crafted after the industrial revolution, the use of original materials and methods is critical. Finishes are left intact wherever possible, hide glue is often used and repairs to veneer are favored over replacement. There are times, however, when a piece has deteriorated to the point that replacing veneer is necessary. The success of these projects depends on meticulous matching of grain and species. Quarter veneered tops, contrasting inlays, exotic figuring and banding details can prove challenging to match. FormWood Industries works closely with those in the antique restoration field, providing products and services integral to this process. FormWood stocks hardwood veneer and laminates available in over 100 cuts and species on your choice of cores and backers. From maple, walnut and rosewood to teak and mahogany, we can source virtually any hardwood veneer to accommodate even the most complicated restoration projects.


  • Our high quality hardwood veneer will restore your piece to original beauty.
  • We can match samples, to get as near as possible to the original look.
  • High end veneer, including burls and exotics, available in over 100 cuts and species.
  • 8', 10', and 12' lengths available in many species, as well as 5' wide and cross grain.
  • A wide variety of backers including 10 Mil paper, NBL® wood-backer, DuraBack™ resin backer, and Two-Ply wood-backer and PSA. Cores include MDF, PBC, and Veneer Core.
  • All products can be custom cut to your specifications.
  • All veneer comes pre-sanded, ready to finish
The restoration process, from distressed or forgotten to renewed grandeur, is simply amazing. FormWood is proud to be a part of this time-honored tradition and our staff of professionals will work diligently with you to achieve truly remarkable results. Our Technical Assistance Center is on hand to aid you in any way and we have many distributors which can provide samples of our diverse products. By working in unison with those in the restoration field, we can help insure the continued livelihood of "The Golden Age of Furniture."