Veneer applications of all types require reliable options when it comes to the veneer backer or synthetic crossbands. These products can prevent warping of those laminated panels and offer superior uniformity and smoothness that natural products can't offer. Formwood veneer backers are available in various sizes based on your needs. Crossbands from Formwood offer better consistency and a superior internal bond, giving your finished work better results.

You can rely on our experience and expert staff to recommend the right products for your application. If you'd like information, or have any questions, please let us know.

FormBack Stabilizing Backer

FormWood Industries is proud to offer everything that you need to create a complete panel, including a product that will prevent warping on laminated panels. FormWood's Stabilizing Backer is an easily laminated, resin-impregnated sheet for use on the back of panels faced with veneer or high-pressure laminates. Ideal for furniture applications, it is readily bondable to particleboard, MDF, and other composite panels.

FormBand Synthetic Crossband

FormWood Synthetic Crossband is designed to replace natural wood crossband while offering advantages in uniformity, smoothness, superior internal bond strength and yield. It is superior to wood veneer crossband because of its consistency in thickness, density and moisture content.

FormSurface Paintable Backer

FormSurface Paintable Backer offers all the advantages of FormBack Stabilizing Backer while also being paintable or printable. FormSurface Paintable Backer is a man-made, resin-impregnated sheet that can be used on the back of panels faced with veneer or high-pressure laminates. FormSurface Paintable Backer is cost-effective and provides an excellent balancing medium in both three-ply and five-ply panel construction.