There are many home uses for veneer plywood. Whether it is an exotic or domestic specie of veneer plywood it offers you the opportunity to furnish your home in a stylish manner, without paying exorbitant prices for furnishings made from 100 percent pure hardwoods. Veneer logs are selected for exceptional color, texture, and figure and represent less than 1 percent of the hardwood sawlog inventory in the U.S. you can use the highest grade, AA, cherry, maple or red oak hardwood plywood for the parts of furnishings that are easily observed, such as the outside of a cabinet or drawer. Use a lower grade, B, of plywood, if the outer appearance of the piece of furniture is not as crucial.

Hardwood Plywood

Hardwood plywood is mainly used for appearance, so choose the type of wood you prefer that matches the rest of your room's decor. For instance, if you have oak flooring in your living room, you want to choose complementary oak plywood for the outer, visible portions of your furnishings. You may also select an exotic plywood such as lacewood, rosewood, or zebrawood, for an accent piece or an entire room. Pine or fir hardwood plywood is an excellent choice for cabinets in a room featuring wood plank flooring made from natural pine wood.

Plywood Makes Furniture More Durable

Although you may have the impression that veneer plywood is weaker than "solid" wood, this is actually not true. The use of manufactured plywood is often preferable because it does not easily crack or warp. Plywood layers, also known as veneer, are made by connecting the layers with the grains in opposite directions. Plywood gains strength when the layers are glued together in this manner. Thus, a piece of furniture made with plywood actually has more strength and potential longevity than furniture made with standard wood solids.

Due to its strength, veneer plywood is ideal for cabinets, walls or any types of furniture that require extra durability. It makes excellent book shelves for storage of heavy books and robust tables that will become heirloom pieces. You are sure to find many uses in your home for plywood because of its universal versatility.


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