Oak Plywood

We offer both Red Oak Plywood and White Oak Plywood. Several different cuts are available including flat cut, quartered, quartered heavy figured, and rift. We offer a wide variety of sizes, please contact us for pricing and questions. Let us know if you need it fast, or need matching. Our experienced representatives will help you get exactly what you need.

Red Oak Plywood

Red Oak Plywood is similar to White Oak, but with an open grain pattern. It is versatile and durable with a coarse texture. Red Oak machines well, pre-boring is recommended when using nails or screws.

White Oak Plywood

White Oak Plywood has a tight grain with a medium to coarse texture. White Oak also machines well, and pre-boring is recommended. Since White Oak reacts to iron, it's advisable to use galvanized nails.

Click the links below to view our selection of oak veneers:

English Brown Oak Quartered Veneer
Red Oak Flat Cut Veneer
Red Oak Quartered Heavy Flake Veneer
Red Oak Rift Cut Veneer
White Oak Flat Cut Veneer
White Oak Quartered Heavy Flake Veneer
White Oak Rift Cut Veneer




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