Lyptus Plywood

Lyptus plywood is becoming increasingly popular due to its beautiful appearance and â??greenâ? attributes.  The Eucalyptus hybrid trees are grown on managed plantations in South America and offer excellent wood products with the important bonus of environmental responsibility. Lyptus trees grow to harvestable maturity in 15 yearsâ??much quicker than other species.

In addition to the environmental benefits, Lyptus plywood has rich color and grain patterns making it a quality choice for high-end applications including furniture, store fixtures, and cabinetry.

Lyptus Plywood Availability

  • Available in standard sizes of 4' x 8â?? and 4â?? x 10' sheets. Contact us for custom sizes.
  • Available as Flat Cut or Quarter Cut.
  • Lyptus veneer may be laminated to a variety of cores. This includes MDF, Veneer Core, PBC, NAUF Core, Fire-Rated Core and Moisture-Resistant Core.
  • The veneer is typically book matched but other matching types are available by request.


Features and Benefits

  • Lyptus plywood is comparable to mahogany in appearance with a fine grain and rich color.
  • Lyptus is a fast growing and renewable hybrid of eucalyptus trees.
  • Even with its dramatic appearance and environmental benefits, the price of Lyptus plywood compares well with traditional plywood options.


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