Hardwood Plywood for Residential Use

Premature deterioration in the service life of construction materials can mean enormous costs, not only for replacement materials but also for labor and disposal. There are several highly efficient approaches to designs, material selection and construction when hardwood plywood is used for residential applications.

Certified Hardwood 

Substituting certified hardwood for standard dimensional lumber could save thousands of dollars in construction costs for one house while maintaining or exceeding quality standards. As a natural and renewable resource, hardwood can dramatically reduce job-site waste and save on building costs as well as landfill fees. Furthermore, it is one of the most decorative products available for building boats, cabinets, staircases, walls, roof overhangs, decks and more.

Add Proficiency and Beauty

The manufacturing processes for plywood make more complete use of logs than lumber manufacturing methods. The popular processes for shaping wood veneer, slicing and rotary cutting, leave no sawdust. Plus, you gain greater square-foot coverage when using wood veneer rather than solid wood. As a builder, you may choose fine hardwood for its unique, natural wood grain and markings. You can expect the high versatility of plywood to deliver many durable options in sizes and styles for products such as furniture, chairs, benches, pianos, display cases, bowling alley channels and elevator cabs.

Choosing Core Components

Although both are resilient, sturdy and workable, Particleboard Core (PBC) is preferred over Medium Density Fiber Core (MDF) by contractors and carpenters because it weighs less. However, High Density Plywood (HDP) is stronger, with many (up to nine) layers of hardwood veneer, serving as cabinetry for holding heavy objects. Three-layered Veneer Core (VC) is used for counters and tabletops. Calibrated Core/Platform (CCP) wood has an inner-ply variance of only .005 inch, making the measurements in upscale cabinetry and furniture very precise.


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