Cedar Plywood

We offer several different types of Cedar Plywood. If you are looking for quick turnaround times, or need some matching help, our experienced representatives will be happy to assist you and make sure you get the product that you need. We also have a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses available.

Aromatic Red Cedar Plywood

Aromatic Red Cedar plywood is commonly used for drawer bottoms, chests, drawer liners, closets and closets walls. It is also commonly used for exterior products such as furniture. Cedar is excellent to use in dressers and closets because it has a sometimes strong, pleasant smell which will help keep moths away. View a sample of Aromatic Red Cedar Plywood here.

Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar plywood has a reddish brown color with a straight to wavy grain, and a cedar-like odor. Spanish Cedar has good qualities for exterior use, and it also has relatively soft texture. It is commonly used as a Mahogany substitute because of the similar grain pattern and the easy workability. See a sample of Spanish Cedar here.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar plywood is well-known for its beauty and appealing fragrance. It is also resistant to decay, which makes it especially valuable for exterior uses like windows, greenhouses, feed troughs, rain gutters, railings, and furniture. Common interior uses include wall paneling, windows, doors, shelves, and cabinets. It's also very well known for use in boat building and oither marine structures. View a sample of Western Red Cedar here.



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