Tips for Refacing Cabinets with Wood Veneer Sheets

Perhaps you love the existing layout of your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and the cabinets are in good condition structurally. You have the storage space you need, and the countertops are fine. You may just want to update the style of your cabinets or simply freshen them up with new look. You can give your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry a new face using wood veneer sheets or skins. Refacing your cabinet doors with cabinet grade veneer is a remodeling job that can deliver a custom look. It is also a do-it-yourself project that can look professionally done at a price that makes you happy without cutting corners. It may take a few days or longer to complete depending on the size of the project.

Where should you start?

Contacting Formwood online can help make your do-it-yourself project simple and straightforward. Formwood offers sound advice on application of new pressure-sensitive veneer sheets for drawer fronts and doors to installing the veneer sheets and end panel pieces. Traditional 2x8 or 4x8 veneer or custom cut veneer is available at added cost. All you have to do is some light pre-sanding and cleaning for your prep work.

What tools are needed?

The tools you most likely need are: contact cement, lacquer thinner, brush, sandpaper, rags, tape measure, utility knife, router, veneer scraper, or smooth block of wood, work table, clean ventilated area, finish, and a pencil. Purchasing the right tools for your veneer sheet refacing project is vital for a desirable outcome.

The choice to reface kitchen cabinets with new wood veneer sheets can add value to your home and make the do-it-yourself job of achieving your dream kitchen or bathroom affordable and painless.


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